Bezszczotkowe bodźce, w rozpoznaniu z odwiedź spostrzeżeniu z konwencjonalnych motorów stylu. http://skroc.de/a5524
Richard Young(non-registered)
Wonderful, thoughtful, organic.
Peter Higdon(non-registered)
Just found your site via the Google+ community of 'Intimate Landscape Scenes'. Really like what you are doing, its interesting, original and inspiring. Always great to see the world from a different perspective.
Mike Anderson(non-registered)
Came across your site while browsing through other photographer's galleries which I do from time to time to be inspired. I very much enjoyed your "My Neck Of The Desert" gallery. I lived in Colorado about 25 years ago and used to get out to Moab, the La Sal Mts, Utah and the southwest desert in general and these photos brought pleasant memories of remembered scenes. You have eyes that see, and a heart that composes. Keep up the good work!
Johnny Bob(non-registered)
Love your photography, Sis. You have an incredible eye and a real knack for being able to catch the interesting colors and lines that can be hidden in plain sight to the rest of us. Keep up the good work!
Torben Jensen(non-registered)
Love your work.
Cindy Garwood(non-registered)
Beautiful Work - Enjoyed your portfolio! Keep Shooting!
Mark Wade(non-registered)
Linked here from a G+ notification …through Angela King-Jones.
It’s nice to see photographers who are not afraid to move the camera to paint an interpretation or multiply rhythms that so dominate the essence of a moment. Lovely body of work Deborah.
Great photos Deborah. I came to your website after reading your inspiring article in LPM December issue. Thanks for sharing your approach to developing a personal style. As a learning amateur landscape photographer it is really helpful to get this kind of insight.
Jim Petrie(non-registered)
Finally got to take a look at your portfolio, even more impressed.
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