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Vanda, my online photographer friend from the U.K., and her partner, Martin, left Moab this morning for Yellowstone National Park.  Her visit was my first experience sharing one of my hidden desert hikes as well as ideas on photography and creativity with another female photographer in person.   Her willingness to openly discuss how photography makes her heart sing and her gentle encouragement of a few project ideas I outlined helped shift the oppressive cloud I had let settle over my to-do list recently to a renewed sense of excitement and energy.

Though my fiercely independent modus operandi feeds my creativity, it can also paralyze progress on a project until I realize I need to let go of doing it ALL myself or scale back the scope to a more reasonable and realizable level.  As I led Vanda and Martin down a small canyon with tanks and potholes filled with water along with sculptured sandscapes created by recent flash floods, I delighted in watching Vanda fall under the spell of moving water as master carver.  I won't see any of her finished pics until she returns home in a few weeks, but her photographs of the sea around the coast of the U.K. are magical.

In the backdrop of the present-day photography market where everyone with a smart phone is a photographer, it's difficult not to hold tight to special spots and unique views.  I found that sharing this particular place, to be seen through someone else's lens, offered something beyond a singularity of vision or the constraint of competition.  Through another's eyes I found connection and a renewed commitment to my own way of seeing.  Thank you Vanda and Martin.


Beata Moore(non-registered)
Deborah, I am sure sharing the place with someone like Vanda can only enrich both of you. You will be surprised how differently both of you see things and how varied yours and hers pictures will be! Looking forward to see them all!
Vanda Ralevska(non-registered)
Thank you so much, Deborah. I feel very grateful that you shared a piece of your world with Martin and me. We both had a fantastic time and can't thank you enough for that.

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing our thoughts on photography, writing and creativity and really hope that you will realize all your great ideas. I look forward to watching you, your business, your beautiful art grow into a successful venture that will bring you a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

I will never forget this wonderful experience and every beautiful picture of yours I will see will remind me of that. And I hope that one day I will be able to share a little bit of my world with you. When you visit U.K.

Vanda x
John Spurr(non-registered)
Interesting, Deborah... I tried to enlarge the "Footprints on Water" photo because it's intriguing; however, it wouldn't load for me. Also, I looked to see if you had a FB album entitled "Bodies of Water" because you mentioned you had a group of photos like that... no luck! :-)
But, as I believe I mentioned previously, your photos of "small" subjects really stand out. I'm not the most destination-oriented hiker, especially when I'm out in your area. I love the little, fascinating things you see when you look around as you hike, and often what's interesting has resulted from the action of water on a smaller scale. I've tried for many years to capture these micro-scenes, but it takes a real artist's eye -- like yours! -- to do that well. Along these lines, I'd say I've had the most success in capturing flowers, but I have a lot of room for improvement!

You write so beautifully. I would be overcome with delight to see the wonders of your belovedl place.
Your eye for the beauty of landscape is so exceptional.
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